UCT-ONE Divers Life Support Systems Program Management Specialist


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TerraConcepts seeks a Divers Life Support Systems Program Management Specialist to provide program management, equipment maintenance scheduling and tracking, repair parts ordering and tracking, data entry, budget analysis and tracking specific to maintenance.

Location(s) – Underwater Construction Team ONE, Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story – Little Creek, VA.


Underwater Construction Team ONE (UCT-ONE) is an Echelon V Command in the United States Navy, reporting to Navy Construction Group TWO (NCG-2). UCT-ONE consists of 81 personnel and is made up of three Construction Dive Detachments (CDD): Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie as well as the Headquarters (HQ) element. Each CDD is made up of Underwater Construction Technicians (Seabee Divers), a Detachment IT, and support Construction Mechanic (CM). The HQ element is comprised of department leads (DH) that enable and support the CDDs to deploy around the globe.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Support the Readiness and Dive Systems Department Head (DH) in the management of UCT-ONE's maintenance scheduling and reporting, repair parts inventory and ordering, budget analysis, and data entry.

2. Assist the DH in preparing orders for repair parts utilizing the Navy Stock system or ESSM to include balancing and oversight of the maintenance budget.

3. UCT-ONE has a single detachment deployed 365 days a year in which maintenance will be conducted continuously CONUS and OCONUS.

4. Maintain maintenance accountability using computer based software to include Microsoft Office programs, web-based programs, SKED and OMMS.

5. Monitor weekly maintenance checks and provide monthly equipment readiness status to command. Diving equipment must be kept in 100 percent ready to deploy status prior to any training or operational use.

6. Conduct oversight, analysis and projection of the maintenance budget and provide monthly reports to the command.

7. Provide logistical and data entry support as required.

8. Prepare and develop NAVSEA System's Certification requirements (completed as appropriate based on the current system certification dates) to include: the creation and or updating of Pre-Survey Outline Booklet (PSOB), Equipment Service List (ESL), and Diving Safety Center Check Sheets. This is to include participating in certifying events for each of the Commands Certified systems.

9. Augment Preventative and Corrective Maintenance actions associated with the Commands DLSS.

Other Skills and Requirements

1.   SKED 3.2
2.   Organizational Maintenance Management System - Next Generation (OMMS-NG)
3.   MS Office: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
4.   First Class Diver/Master Diver/Diving Officer
5.   Current valid passport
6.   Current valid Driver's License

Education – High School Diploma

Years of Experience – Required: Minimum of six (6) years of experience and knowledge as a First Class Diver/Master Diver/Diving Officer.

Citizenship – US

Clearance – Secret

Travel – CONUS and OCONUS

Send resumes with a cover letter to jobs@terraconceptsllc.com

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