UCT-ONE Training Administration and Program Management Specialist


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TerraConcepts seeks a Training Administration and Program Management Specialist to provide clerical and logistic support in the management of Command Training.

Location(s) – Underwater Construction Team ONE, Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story – Little Creek, VA.


Underwater Construction Team ONE (UCT-ONE) is an Echelon V Command in the United States Navy, reporting to Navy Construction Group TWO (NCG-2). UCT-ONE consists of 81 personnel and is made up of three Construction Dive Detachments (CDD): Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie as well as the Headquarters (HQ) element. Each CDD is made up of Underwater Construction Technicians (Seabee Divers), a Detachment IT, and support Construction Mechanic (CM). The HQ element is comprised of department leads (DH) that enable and support the CDDs to deploy around the globe.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Assist the Training DH in organizing and monitoring the Command General Military Training (GMT) program to ensure completion of approximately 10 (ten) annual required training topics for approximately eighty-one (81) military members at the Command.

2. Assist the Readiness Officer in the reporting and updating of the RCRP Training and Personnel Pillars; verifying and ensuring training scores and training completion is entered to reflect unit readiness. Review upcoming training requirements, delinquent periodicities, and identify and report deficiencies to the Training Department Head.

3. Enter all T-Pillar data into RCRP and update completion notes for submission into Defense Readiness Reporting System (DRRS-N).

4. Manage the CANTRAC and ENTRS programs to include scheduling and individual training.

5. Manage all Training Records, to include GMT records, lesson plans, schools attended, and qualifications achieved to ensure compliance applicable instructions.

6. Track and enter all qualifications into ASM and FLTMPS.

7. Assist the DH in the coordination and scheduling of facility usage with outside activities in support of Unit Level Training to ensure diving, shooting, and explosive ranges are scheduled for use during each CDD’s FRTP cycle.

8. Assist DH in the generation of purchase related documents for the training department to include contracted courses and submit to the Supply Department.

9. Ensure all logistics for Unit Level Training exercises are complete 30 days prior to evolution commencement. To include coordination and scheduling of berthing requirements for attending members, on-site vehicle and fuel requests for remote locations, track required material lists and ensure receipt prior to training evolution.

10. Create shipping documents for training related material shipment to CONUS locations and submit to Supply Department for TAC assignment.

Other Skills and Requirements

1.   Advanced Skill Management (ASM)
2.   Readiness Cost Reporting Program (RCRP)
3.   Navy Training Information Management System (NTIMS)
4.   MS Office: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint
5.   First Class Diver/Master Diver/Diving Officer
6.   Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC)
7.   enterprise Navy Training Reservation System (eNTRS)
8.   Fleet Training Management Planning System (FLTMPS)
9.   Fleet Response Training Plan (FRTP)

Education – High School Diploma

Years of Experience – Required: Minimum of three (3) years of Training Readiness Analysis experience with direct support of DoD training readiness analysis programs. Minimum of six (6) years of experience and knowledge as a First Class Diver/Master Diver/Diving Officer.

Citizenship – US

Clearance – Secret

Travel – N/A

Send resumes with a cover letter to jobs@terraconceptsllc.com

TerraConcepts is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.