Senior Logistics Management Analyst - Marine Corps Military Working Dog (MWD) Program Support


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TerraConcepts seeks an experienced Senior Management Analyst for U.S. Marine Corps Working Dog (MWD) Program Support.

Location(s) – Metropolitan Washington, DC Area; Quantico, VA; San Diego, CA; San Antonio, TX; Jacksonville, NC


Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), Plans, Policies and Operations (PP&O), Security Division (PS), Law Enforcement & Corrections Branch (PSL) is seeking support for the Marine Corps Military Working Dog (MWD) Program. The MWD program manager is responsible to provide trained dogs, handlers, and support equipment that are unique to MWD requirements.

With the expansion of the global terrorism threat, there has been an urgent need to counter the devastating impact of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) being encountered in the area of operations. Increased movement of illicit drugs across our borders has again heightened the need for MWD involvement in counter-drug activities.

In addition to traditional MWD functions, such as crowd control, intruder detection and on-leash drug/explosive detection, the Marine Corps has incorporated expanded dog skills, such as remote direction control in the Specialized Search Dog (SSD) and human tracking in the Combat Tracker Dog (CTD).

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. Assist in the operational support associated with the web based DoD Working Dog Management System (WDMS).

2. Development and administrative management of WDMS tools for global users, including kennel masters (KMs), trainers, handlers and/or Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs).

3. Design and development of manuals, desk guides, briefs, directives and interactive web sites.

4. Serve as an “on-call” Subject Matter Expert (SME) on average for 15 hours/week along with scheduled domestic and international travel.

5. Support the MWD program effort to identify, document, and staff the subsequent changes necessary to the MCO 5585.5 Marine Corps Military Working Dog (MWD) Manual.

6. Support the MWD program effort to prepare canine specific organizational T/E along with the acquisition and budget documentation that is associated with the DoD Family of MWD Capability Productoin Document (CPD).

7. Support operational force MWD sections with expertise related to expeditionary kenneling requirements as learned from past field tests on prototypes..

8. Document and test enhancements to the web based Working Dog Management System (WDMS) that tracks MWD assets and MWD team readiness and is used in planning for operational missions and deployments.

9. Support MWD sections with the necessary training and expertise to effectively utilize the activity recording management tools in WDMS.

10. Provide the COR with subject matter expert (SME) advice, as appropriate, concerning system improvements and logistics requirements that cannot be accomplished within the scope of this project.

Other Skills and Requirements

1.   USMC experience - one or more of the following MOS' are required: 5811, 5812, 5803
2.   Valid Passport with expiration date no earlier than September 30, 2018
3.   Program/Project management experience
4.   Previous MWD administrative management experience
5.   Prior military service at a senior command level (Division, Wing, MEF) and/or extensive experience in Government headquarters level staffing operations
6.   Proven record of coneptualizing solutions and facilitating working group progress
7.   Demonstrated ability to effectively and independently work from a remote location
8.   Demonstrated strong leadership skill with the ability to influence outcomes
9.   Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively in writing using standard MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) along with the use of e-mail, text and web based scheduling/conference programs

Marine Corps Specific Knowledge/Experience

1.   MCO 5585.5 Marine Corps Military Working Dog (MWD) Manual

Education – Desired: BA/BS (IT discipline highly desired)

Years of Experience – Required: 10+ years

Citizenship – US

Clearance – Active DoD Secret

Travel – CONUS

Position Type– Part Time (~ 20 hours/week) with occasional Full Time (30-40 hours/week)

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