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OCONUS Support

OCONUS Support

"International partnerships continue to underpin unified efforts to address 21st century challenges. Shared principles, a common view of threats, and commitment to cooperation provide far greater security than the United States could achieve independently.

Joint Publication 1
Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States

OCONUS Support

TerraConcepts has proven plans, policies, and procedures for deploying personnel OCONUS. We have deployed and returned dozens of personnel from high-risk areas (e.g. Afghanistan) and low-risk areas (e.g. Abu Dhabi) without incident, injury or death.

With experience in Asia, the UK, Europe, and the Middle East we know how to operate according to local laws and regulations (e.g. passport and visa requirements) in order to deliver solutions to meet our customer's needs.

Our dedicated men and women are proficient in operating in the land, sea, air and cyber domains. They are adept at integrating themselves into our customer's organizations as seamlessy as possible.

C4ISR Systems Operations – We provide qualified individuals and teams to operate or manage C4, ISR, geospatial (e.g. Google Earth, ArcGIS, CJMTK, etc.), information operations, civil information management(e.g. CIDNE) and other systems in support of US and partner nation ongoing and contingency operations.

Training & Exercise Support – Leveraging our training experience, we can deploy Mobile Training Teams and Exercise Support Teams to provide training and exercise planning, control, evaluation and lessons learned support.