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Application Competencies


Engineering & Technical Analysis

TerraConcepts' technical legacy is in providing Systems Engineering support to space-based ISR systems; satellite ground stations; and geospatial data processing systems.

Modeling & Simulation, Analysis, and Visualization – Our engineers, scientists and analysts combine their theoretical knowledge with practical experience to understand our customer's operational and technical challenges. Utilizing powerful desktop modeling, simulation, analytical and graphical applications (e.g. STK, ArcGIS, MATLAB, Excel, Visio, etc.) they perform architecture, systems and engineering analyses.

We model combat, ISR and other systems in the Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyber domains. Our analysis is delivered in a variety of rich media: maps, imagery, terrain, video, 2D/3D models, charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. Collaboration is facilitated by using common, accessible data and media formats: CSV, TXT, XLS*, XML, Shapefile, PDF, GeoPDF, geospatial PDF, KMZ/KML, PowerPoint, etc.

Mission Engineering –We are expanding our capabilities to include Digital Mission Engineering and Model-Based Systems Engineering using our expertise in STK to model, simulate and analyze end-to-end missions as "systems".