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Training & Exercise Support

"The purpose of all training is to develop forces that can win in combat. Training is the key to combat effectiveness and therefore is the focus of effort of a peacetime military. However, training should not stop with the commencement of war; training must continue during war to adapt to the lessons of combat."

MCDP 1 Warfighting
U.S. Marine Corps


Training & Exercise Support

TerraConcepts provides a range of tailored training services that can be delivered seperately or integrated depending upon our customer's needs.

Training Management – We maintain proficiency in learning and training management methodologies and systems currently in use and proven to work. From this, we support our customer's development and maintenance of training plans, policies, procedures and adminstration.

Instructor/Instructional Support – We provide instructor personnel with military and intelligence operational experience who possess qualifications, expertise and skills across a range of specialties including but not limited to cyberspace, special operations, marksmanship, joint fires, intelligence analysis, geospatial analysis, etc.

Mobile Training Teams (MTT) – Our MTTs bring together our expertise in Instructor/Instructional Support and ISD/SAT to deliver training solutions to CONUS and OCONUS locations.

Exercise Support – Our former military and intelligence professionals are prepared to be exercise controllers, evaluators, OPFOR, role players, lessons learned analysts, and instructors. They also support exercise planning conferences, objectives, and scenario development.