USMC Joint Fires Observer Instructor


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TerraConcepts seeks Joint Fires Observer Instructors to provide Joint Fires Observer (JFO) and Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) instructional services in support of the Marine Corps' Joint Fires Observer Program.

Location(s) – EWTGPAC, NAB Coronado, Coronado, CA; EWTGLANT, JEB Little Creek, Virginia Beach, VA; Marine Detachment (MARDET), Fort Sill, OK


The Marine Corps' JFO Program is designed to provide select joint Services personnel with training in: (1) Engaging targets with AC-130, naval surface fires, and indirect fires; (2) Procedures for providing timely and accurate targeting informatin to a qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) for Type 2 and 3 Close Air Support (CAS) Terminal Attack Controls; (3) Conducting Terminal Guidance Operations.

The TACP Course trains and certifies officer and enlisted joint and coalition personnel in the basic procedures of terminal attack control establishing a foundation for follow on individual JTAC proficiency and collective training in the operating forces.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

1. As a primary instructor the candidate shall provide formal classroom instruction in accordance with the JTAC and JFO Programs of Instruction (POIs) and provide subject matter expert (SME) support for CAS control and observed fire procedures for the JTAC/JFO Courses

2. Manage, execute, and recommend changes to existing simulations-driven operational scenarios for both Close Air Support (CAS) and indirect fire support instruction modules of JFO courses and other fires support courses

3. Prepare lesson plans for each period of instruction for which he/she is assigned instructional responsibility

4. Assist in the instruction of other fires support related courses

5. Participate in Instructor Continuing Education Process to gain additional instructor qualifications to better serve the JFO/Fire Support Instructor team and school house

6. Conduct training at other locations as a member of a Mobile Training Team (MTT)

Other Skills and Requirements

1.   Graduate from an accredited JTAC and/or JFO course
2.   Curriculum development course graduate (desired)
3.   Meet JTAC qualification requirements
4.   Able to complete an instructor upgrade program per signatory regulation
5.   Excellent verbal and written communication skills
6.   Previous active or reserve component JTAC-I or qualified JTAC while serving as a member of the Armed forces
7.   TAC who possesses a minimum of one year of continuous experience as a qualified JTAC, FAC, or FAC(A)
8.   Previous Instructor/Instructional Design experience (desired)
9.   Experience with MCTIMS (desired)
10. Experience with MAGTF simulation systems (i.e., DVTE-CAN, MSAT, and SAVT) (desired)

Education – High School Diploma

Years of Experience – Required: 3 years; Desired: 5 years

Citizenship – US

Clearance – Active DoD Secret

Travel – CONUS and OCONUS travel up to 15 days at a time. Current passport is required with an expiration date no sooner than 30 June 2018.

Send resumes with a cover letter to jobs@terraconceptsllc.com

TerraConcepts is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.